Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Release and Status of Atomiswave2Naomi Project (UPDATE 7)!!

There goes some Arcade-love!

You can download Dirty Pigskin, Samurai Showdown and KOFXI from here:

Animal Basket --> Working and released.
Demolish Fist --> Working and released.
Dirty Pigskin Football --> Working and released.
Dolphin Blue --> Working and released.
Extreme Hunting --> Not started working on it.
Extreme Hunting 2 --> Not started working on it.
Faster Than Speed --> Converted and boots fine. Working on analog controls.
Fist Of The North Star -->  Working and released.
Guilty Gear Isuka --> Working and released. One error reported when 2P dies.
Guilty Gear X ver. 1.5 --> Working and released.
Knights of Valour - The Seven Spirits --> Working and released.
Maximum Speed --> Converted and boots fine. Working on analog controls.
Metal Slug 6 --> Working and released.
Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum --> Conversion works on MAME but not on the real thing.
Net Select Keiba Victory Furlong --> Not started working on it.
Ranger Mission --> Converted and boots fine. Working on analog controls.
Salary Man Kintarou --> Converted and boots fine. It works on touch screen though.
Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden --> Working and released.
Sega Bass Fishing Challenge --> Conversion works on MAME but not on the real thing.
Sega Clay Challenge --> Conversion works on MAME but not on the real thing.
Sports Shooting USA --> Converted and boots fine. Working on gun controls.
The King of Fighters Neowave (Japan) --> Working and released.
The King of Fighters XI --> Converted and boots fine. Small graphic glitch in text.
The Rumble Fish --> Working and released.
The Rumble Fish 2 --> Working and released.

* Green= Converted. May have some issues.
* Blue= Looks like can be converted.  
Biggest update is that there are no red games anymore. So we see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


  1. Does this version of KOF have the slight graphical glitch rectified? Thanks for the hard work!

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  3. I want to thank friend all games caught in makaron emulator only samurai gave graphics errors but congratulations again.

  4. Hello guys,
    are these games directly playable on MAME ?_?
    thanks in advance for the support ;)

    1. Not in MAME, they're playable in Makaron, nullDC and/or Demul. As kleber already said, Samurai Spirits has many graphic issues.

    2. thanks so much for your fast reply :)
      I've asked for this only because I've read the following text on the post: "STATUS OF ATOMISWAVE ROMS (With MAME v0154)"...
      thanks again Nikola!

  5. I can not open rom in mame1.54... plz tutorial open rom in mame... im noob =)

  6. Thanks!, i test all your conversions in nullDC and the only two games that doesn't work (or working with issues) are:

    Rumble Fish 2 (doesn't boot at all)
    Samurai Shodown VI (has a lot of graphical issues in backgrounds mostly and runs very slow on every pc i tested)

  7. Hello, is there a general guide to how to play the games? I have been figuring with the game files I downwload here with mame, demul and null dc. Cant seem to figure out, normally I just put them in a rom folder but this time I cannot seem to locate the downloaded game files here to load. Please advice thanks!