Friday, May 29, 2015

System 246/256 dongle conversion!

Thanks to a good friend, it's possible now to convert any dongles for system 246/256 to a different game. You can convert for instance a Gundam into a Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection!

If you'd like to convert some of your dongles you can get in touch with us at:

darkdawgarcade _at- gmail dot com

Here is a list of existing games:


  1. hello I have a system with 256 hdd Gundam and I like to have souls calibur 3 arcade edition
    is it possible to do?
    has what price?
    I'm from France
    thank you for your work

  2. Can you change Tekken 5 dvd-rom to SSD or HDD ?

  3. Would this also work to use a system 246 to run something like tekken 5 which typically uses the 256?

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