Thursday, June 27, 2013

One BIOS to rule them all (UPDATE 2)

As requested by many of you, I'm releasing a special BIOS for the Battery Free cartridges that is based on the SF3-3rd STRIKE BIOS and therefore it only needs 1 CD for ANY Update.
I hope you lioke it.

This BIOS is very easy to update and In the future I may release an updated BIOS with:
* Cheats
* Country code selected on the go.
* Game Boot Selector (all 6 games in one CD and update can be made from menu)
* etc.

I'm releasing also V1.0 of the tool which was requested by many of you and now supports converting to SFIII-2nd Impact or battery free cartridges.

Notice that Officially only SF3-3rd Strike A and B, and SF3-NG are supposed to be final.
Warzard B is in a very advance state and JOJO/JOJOBA will follow soon (I will only support one version of Jojo, so please let me know which one you prefer).

As soon as JOJO and Warzard are ready, I may do some changes to the BIOS, but in general terms I'll consider this project over and I'll focus on the next one, which can be finding out how to put back keys to CPS3 cartridges or can be 246 dongle or adding CF support for Triforce or making a USB 2 JVS adapter or a Deco Multi-game Kit. A new poll will be soon on the site.

And now.....Enjoy!

UPDATE 1: Eliminated all CRC checks, now you can change graphics, code or whatever you want from the ISOS and upload without problem. Bios will be released with Update 2.

UPDATE 2: will be to put all 6 Games in one CD, but before that, all games should be converted. So expect a release of Jojo/Jojoba/Warzard anytime soon.

UPDATE 3: 2 pics of the new BIOS that I'm working on.

Coming very soon!!!!

Small Note: I've been thinking how to speed up the updating process and where the bottleneck was. I tried with a 12X SCSI drive and it didn't improve anything the update process. Then I tried in MAME to make a DMA copy from SIMM2 to SIMM1 and THERE is when it took very long and where the bottleneck is coming from.
Then I though about replacing the SIMMS with regular DRAM SIMMS, so you'll need to update everytime that you power on the CPS3, but Update will only take 1 minute. Unfortunately, the pinout of the Capcom SIMMS is different to a normal DRAM. Also the address bus size is bigger with a Flash (21 address lines vs 11 address lines), also the reading process in the DRAM is  done in two steps (you select raw with 11 address lines and later select column with the same adress lines) what means that in order to replace Capcom SIMMS with DRAM, you need a custom made PCB + microcontroller. Too complicated :(