Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CPS3 converting tool v0.4


I'm releasing the newest version of the tool so everyone can already have it. Don't get too excited, it doesn't contain any tables yet.

I have ready the SF3-NG table that works great on MAME but for some reason not in the real thing. As soon as I sort this out, I'll release it.

Stay tuned for more.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Going public

Due to the request from some followers, I'm publishing the link to the special version of ElSemi CPS3 Emulator.

Everyone who'd like to contribute or that would like to see speed up the convertion process of  his/her favourite game is welcome.

Just download this special version of the emulator:

put your favourite romset!

What you have to do is very simple, jut start the game you want and start playing, play it to the end with P1, then with P2 (you can change settings in the bios), then start a game with P1, then in half combat join P2, wait for time to finish, make so many combos as you can, etc. The idea is to execute so much code as possible. so then my robot can trace it.

If you play for let's say 1 hour and you need to do something else, you can let the emulator running. If you quit the emulator a file called "codeacces.bin" will be created. Good news is that when you start the emulator later, it reads the existing codeaccess.bin file and continues modifying it.

VERY IMPORTANT! BAD NEWS is that you can't start another game with the same codeaccess.bin. If you for example, played in total 3 hours of  SF3-NG and then start another game even 5 seconds, the resulting table is compeltely messed and useless, so if you want to play another game, you need to rename the codeacces.bin table to something else like: codeacces-sf3ng.bin

Please don't send a table unless you are 100% sure that it's not mixed with another game. Even different versions of a game will corrupt it, so if you play i.e. SF3-NG 970204 then stick to 970204.

When you think you are done, please send the codeacces.bin file to pablofg_  [_at]

Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Help with the tables and latest update

 I have ready a table version for SF3NG that should work on a SF3-2I. It works great on MAME but for some reason when I test it on the real thing it doesn't work. Nothing...just black screen.

I see two options, either the BIOS is checking something that needs to be patched or there is some code in the game, that is not marked as code in the decryption table, and that MAME doesn't execute, BUT the real hardware does.

While I try to find a solution for this. I'm asking for the support of the donnors to help creating very accurate tables.

They will get a special version of the emulator of ElSemi that will create the table as you play, make combos, enter in different menus,etc.

more news soon.