Saturday, December 1, 2012

Help with the tables and latest update

 I have ready a table version for SF3NG that should work on a SF3-2I. It works great on MAME but for some reason when I test it on the real thing it doesn't work. Nothing...just black screen.

I see two options, either the BIOS is checking something that needs to be patched or there is some code in the game, that is not marked as code in the decryption table, and that MAME doesn't execute, BUT the real hardware does.

While I try to find a solution for this. I'm asking for the support of the donnors to help creating very accurate tables.

They will get a special version of the emulator of ElSemi that will create the table as you play, make combos, enter in different menus,etc.

more news soon.

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  1. Hi, i've been trying to finish a game using ElSemi's version but after about 2 fights in SF3 the sound starts skipping and the controls start not responding :(