Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We are moving to ARCADE-PROJETS.COM !!

Hello Everybody,

it's been a long way in this blog with all of you, starting with the first steps in CPS3 breaking project, making a lot of good friends and enjoying my favourite hobby which is Arcade Games and where like most of you, I spent almost every cent that I was getting when I was a kid.

This blog is coming to an end and both Mitsurugi and Myself have decided to open our new forum here: WWW.ARCADE-PROJECTS.COM

It will be a much more interactive place, much faster and you'll be able to get better and faster answers from us about all our ventures.

The project of CPS2 is something great and has made a lot of people very happy. Finally a real fully compatible CPS2 Kit that has made a lot of people very happy. We still got lots of units to produce until we catch up with you guys.

There have been unfortunately some lessons we have learnt. Not everything in this hobby is amicable and nice, some people like Razoola, use poor excuses just to keep the monopoly of their business using harrassment and blackmailing techniques. Your answer on the poll and all those emails of support have shown us what people really think.

Source: http://www.oocities.org/fatila_hert/

Draw your own conclusions.....

I'm a frequent MAME contributor as you can see on Guru's page.

I don't just take from this community but I also contribute as much as I can.

Enough talking! Please join us today in our new arcade journey!!!!