Thursday, June 27, 2013

One BIOS to rule them all (UPDATE 2)

As requested by many of you, I'm releasing a special BIOS for the Battery Free cartridges that is based on the SF3-3rd STRIKE BIOS and therefore it only needs 1 CD for ANY Update.
I hope you lioke it.

This BIOS is very easy to update and In the future I may release an updated BIOS with:
* Cheats
* Country code selected on the go.
* Game Boot Selector (all 6 games in one CD and update can be made from menu)
* etc.

I'm releasing also V1.0 of the tool which was requested by many of you and now supports converting to SFIII-2nd Impact or battery free cartridges.

Notice that Officially only SF3-3rd Strike A and B, and SF3-NG are supposed to be final.
Warzard B is in a very advance state and JOJO/JOJOBA will follow soon (I will only support one version of Jojo, so please let me know which one you prefer).

As soon as JOJO and Warzard are ready, I may do some changes to the BIOS, but in general terms I'll consider this project over and I'll focus on the next one, which can be finding out how to put back keys to CPS3 cartridges or can be 246 dongle or adding CF support for Triforce or making a USB 2 JVS adapter or a Deco Multi-game Kit. A new poll will be soon on the site.

And now.....Enjoy!

UPDATE 1: Eliminated all CRC checks, now you can change graphics, code or whatever you want from the ISOS and upload without problem. Bios will be released with Update 2.

UPDATE 2: will be to put all 6 Games in one CD, but before that, all games should be converted. So expect a release of Jojo/Jojoba/Warzard anytime soon.

UPDATE 3: 2 pics of the new BIOS that I'm working on.

Coming very soon!!!!

Small Note: I've been thinking how to speed up the updating process and where the bottleneck was. I tried with a 12X SCSI drive and it didn't improve anything the update process. Then I tried in MAME to make a DMA copy from SIMM2 to SIMM1 and THERE is when it took very long and where the bottleneck is coming from.
Then I though about replacing the SIMMS with regular DRAM SIMMS, so you'll need to update everytime that you power on the CPS3, but Update will only take 1 minute. Unfortunately, the pinout of the Capcom SIMMS is different to a normal DRAM. Also the address bus size is bigger with a Flash (21 address lines vs 11 address lines), also the reading process in the DRAM is  done in two steps (you select raw with 11 address lines and later select column with the same adress lines) what means that in order to replace Capcom SIMMS with DRAM, you need a custom made PCB + microcontroller. Too complicated :(


  1. This is so great. Thank you very much again for everything that you have achieved and shared!

    I'd be totally freaked out for a gameboot-selector, but being able to update from 1 cd is pretty much all I could ever ask for.

    Long live the King!

    1. Breaking Cps3: One Bios To Rule Them All (Update 2) >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Breaking Cps3: One Bios To Rule Them All (Update 2) >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Breaking Cps3: One Bios To Rule Them All (Update 2) >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK RB

  2. Thanks for the update! I'm going to try the new BIOS out tonight.

    When you say there will only be one version of JOJO, do you mean only JOJO *or* JOJOBA? I know JOJOBA is mostly just JOJO with new characters, but I would love it if you could do both games so all six CPS-III games would be finished.


  3. Have you considered putting the code for the tool on something like github?

    It would be nice to get it out there so that people could fork it and make pull requests etc.

  4. @dbstallman, I meant 1 versio son JOJO and 1 version of JOJOBA, comment which one you like.
    Please notice at the moment it supports 1 game per CD. It may support in the future ALL games in 1 CD.

  5. Please can you explain one thing:
    I can put this bios in any CPS3 cartridge or only in a particular one?

    For do this, I have to take off the battery and then change the bios?



  6. Yes, works with any cartridge. Just replace the BIOS content and remove the battery.

  7. To remove the bios does that require soldering? I also have a 2i cart with no battery. I have never tried the CPS3 hack so do I only need 1 cd now?

    What's the new procedure to get this working what Simms need to be replaced if any?

  8. @Max,
    Q1: Yes it does far.
    Q2: No, you still need one cd for each game. Good news is that each game, even SFIII3rd Strike only needs one CD.
    Q3: No SIMMS need to be replaced, just make sure that you have all the SIMMS needed to work with SFIII-3rd Strike as each update with this new BIOS, will look for all SIMMs to be there.

  9. @La pastilla roja de matrix

    Thank you for the reply, so do simms 5 & 6 need to be swapped out.

    So if I download the new cd do I just follow the procedure below?

    1. burn latest cd
    2. Enter Test Menu
    3. Game Rewrite
    4. Rewrite All
    5. Press button 1 player 1 start together
    6. wait for writing to complete and power down machine
    7. Remove simm 5
    8. Remove simm 6and insert in simm 5 position and power up
    9. enter test menu and rewrite the game once again with the same cd.
    10. power down machine
    11. return the old simm 5 to position 6
    12. power up and play

    is this correct?

  10. With the new BIOS you don't need to swap anything.
    With the old one, you need to do "Rewrite ALL" twice.

  11. great

    so download OneRulingCPS3Bios and burn 3rd strike and that it?


  12. download OneRulingCPS3Bios
    Reprogram BIOS in cartridge
    burn 3rd strike

  13. Any way to reflash the bios contents from the CPS3 CD-Drive? This way I don't need to desolder the TSOP48 rom every time there's an update? Great work!

  14. Hey Dark, this is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work mate! I bought a Battery Free 2nd Impact cart from you, would it be possible to post it to you (I pay both shipping) and pay some money for you to reprogram the bios on the cart?

    Thanks :)

  15. @Bill That would probably be possible, but you'd need to make some modifications in the cartridge and that's not my priority now.

    @Aphexdash, sure. Let's finish a nice MULTI-GAME BIOS first.

  16. Hi everyone, first thanks darksoft for all your work, these kind of projects are inspiring.
    I have to questions about my cps3... I got my cps3 system on an arcade sale several years ago, but I never guess the game it had. The security cart has a red sticker, with code cp3000U0G, the game sticker was removed, I saw in the white cover a hand writed SF3 so I guess is an sf3 cart.
    I have 6 Simms, prg 1 (4x hn98f1600t10), chr1 (8x hn98f1600t10 and rt10) chr2, sim5, sim6 are the same as chr1 in size I guess 128mg, and sim2 capcom branded 29f016 4x.
    The CPU unit is D
    I once tried to burn an ISo converted from mame chds with no luck. It was a 3rd strike iso.
    I though it was a dead battery, or corrupted tables,for the past couple of years I stored my cps3 away as I had setup a mame machine on my cabinet.
    Today I was going to reprogram my cart, I have gather experience in the past years with electronics, smd & programming snes repros.
    So I then decided to test the battery and it gives an steady 3.01 V.
    1. Is there anyway to know what games does the cart belong?
    2. How to tell if the cart is corrupt?
    3. Any guide to redo the CD (mine didn't came with any cd) just in case I did something wrong creating the cd
    4. Any scsi drive would work?
    5. Any short step by step to install sf3 games
    I think I'll end up doing a free cart as it is the best option to go, but wanted to know if the cart is working. As I'm in Venezuela right now with my arcade and all my equipment is at Miami
    I know is a lot to ask but I want to get the most updated info about all topics and this seems to be the best place to ask nowadays.
    Thanks again.

  17. Hello, my friend.

    Start here:

    It is a great page with CPS3 info.

    I'm guessing that you probably have a dead 3S cart. Is the screen just solid black when you power it up or are you getting various lines of different colors? The 3rd strike carts often die even though the battery is still good and give you a black screen. I don't know why. The last three that I have converted all had good batteries but were dead. Any other cart usually gives you a screen with multicolored lines on it. The only way to know for sure what game it is would be to dump the bios chip. I've seen 3S carts use A, B, C, and D carts. That should answer 1 and 2.

    3.--download the ISO and use imgburn.

    4.--Yes, any drive though you may need to mess with the jumpers. Note that the jumpers listed on the above site are for the original drive. They didn't work for my replacement drive but may work for others.

    5.--Make sure you have a working cart, and the proper amount of simms for the game you want to play loaded, plus the CD-drive and proper ISO. Start the system and follow instructions. If you don't have the proper amount of memory or it doesn't recognize your CD-drive it will give you and error and tell you what is wrong.

    Hope that helps.

    If you need you cart converted, I can do it for you since you are in the US. In Europe, send them to Dark's friend.

  18. Thanks!@mitsurugi!, I already did all checks and yes, black screen!.. so it´s dead, I´ll reprogram the bios if I manage to get my programmer+adapter from MIA.
    BTW do anyone know if there is a test-burn TSOP48 in SMD package? I only found this one, but is a regular pin-hole solder.

  19. Juan Miguel,

    make sure it's not a CD Related issue. Check that the SIMMS are sitted properly and if it's still black, the it's dead.

    I'm still working on the new version of the BIOS that will support all games in one single CD.

    By the way I created an extra version of the BIOS that theoretically could work with standard SH2 chips. Anyone has good equipment to replace the SH2 and wants to try?

    1. What is the exact type of SH2 I would need to buy? There seem to be tons of different specs on these.

  20. I believe the one that will work is the same as in the Sega Saturn and sega 32X. It's this one:
    If you or someone can replace it from a dead cartridge, I'll send you a BIOS to try.

  21. I have a fully working no-cd version of 3rd Strike, can I still use this, if I get a SCSI CD drive? Meaning, would I be able to use this bios in that cart and load the games from CD?

    1. Yes you can use that cart. But please don't kill that cart to use the custom bios. I will trade you a custom bios cart for your working one rather than killing a working cart.

    2. I appreciate the offer, but how would we work that out? Whose going to trust who enough to send the goods? I am at less risk killing my working cart, than shipping it to someone I don't know and getting nothing in return. I'm sure you are probably an honest guy, but I've gotten burned in the past on trades.

    3. Well, I have lots of feedback on the Neo forums and KLOV. Plus Dark and I are working together on another project and so far so good there. :)

  22. This is Darksoft. Mitsu is a trustable supporter of this project and I back him up.

    1. Thats good enough for me! Mitsu, I will hit you up on one of the forums to coordinate.

    2. Sounds good. Won't have them available until Darksoft releases the bios of course. Unless you wanted a 2I conversion instead. My guess is you want to wait until the custom is released. I would. LOL.

  23. What is the appropriate replacement chip for the cart? its a 4mb chip? I guess while this is still in progress, probably a good idea to socket it. Although the case probably wont close huh?

    1. If you find a socket that will solder directly to the surface mount pads let me know. The only test sockets I have found for these chips require through-hole soldering. I wouldn't mind making myself a test cart. And no, the case will not close with a socket installed.

      You can actually desolder the bios chip that is on the cart, erase it, and reflash it. But you need to be good at SMD soldering as the legs are very tiny and the pads can easily be destroyed with too much heat.

      You can buy fresh replacements though. Any cart will accept a TSOP 29F400 flash chip. The A and B carts have the added benefit of being able to accept a SSOP 29F400 chip which is MUCH easier to solder down. Either way, if you aren't good at surface mount soldering, you may want to let someone else do it for you. My services are always available. ;)

    2. I meant to say the A and B carts accept a PSOP 29F400. Not SSOP. Sorry for the confusion.

  24. Thanks for all the info! I have a nice rework station and have been doing smd work for a long time, but I appreciate the offer. I just removed the chip, but i cant find my tsop to dip

    Great work, I cant believe how this project has come!

  25. So I have converted about 5 dead sf3ng and 3s carts over to battery free, even found an SMD tsop socket, ill add the link in a minute.

    One thing I dont get though; is battery free the same as DEAD 2nd impact?

    I have a dead 2nd impact, should I convert to battery free bios, or is there a way to use it for 3s rev a "as-is"? Sorry if it doesnt make sense.


    1. NM. I see that i can use the 1.0 converter tool to convert the isos and then install that way, or I could do the bios swap.

  26. Are you using the bios above?

    The new multibios will be released soon and will, of course, be battery free also. The bios listed above will become obsolete.

  27. Breaking Cps3: One Bios To Rule Them All (Update 2) >>>>> Download Now

    >>>>> Download Full

    Breaking Cps3: One Bios To Rule Them All (Update 2) >>>>> Download LINK

    >>>>> Download Now

    Breaking Cps3: One Bios To Rule Them All (Update 2) >>>>> Download Full

    >>>>> Download LINK Kr