Sunday, September 15, 2013

Atomiswave to Naomi (UPDATE 1)

There is a big progress on the Atomiswave to Naomi conversion. A project in which I'm IN with

See pictures!!!

Please notice that this project will be available from where you can get a NaomiCF kit with many games.

More news soon.

two more pics of new games running:


  1. Awesomeness coming our way for sure!!!

  2. Good lord, man. what CAN'T you do?

    Is it possible to distribute BIN files that will make it work with Netbooting?

  3. Big props to Joerg and Darksoft.

    This literally just blew my mind. Biggest "scene" news since Naomi Netbooting!

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  5. Yes, wonderful but please sell them at human price...

  6. Pretty certain they won't be sold as such, the binaries will just be released.

    Joerg may make some custom carts, however, like those Ikaruga carts he did.

    1. Doubtful, Joerg's "hacked releases" are always released as a "pay solution". Thinking back, he was able to hack Taito FX-1 to run on Taito GNet... those binaries were not free, and to my knowledge have not been publicly released. I would be very surprised if they were free/publicly available.

    2. Yes, but Joerg isn't the only person involved in this project, is he?

      I'd image that Darksoft will release binaries, and Joerg will sell converted NAOMI carts.

    3. I hope so, Ian. Joerg keeps all of his stuff locked up tight and doesn't share.

      It is very interesting that he is willing to work on a project that is also open for anyone to do (without going through him).


  7. We will release completely the binaries and maybe Joerg will sell cartridges, that's for him to decide.
    As I said in previous comment, this project will be donation based. We'll set an amount, for instance $150, and everytime we get that amount in donations we'll release a new game for everybody to do what they want with it.