Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Next project? (UPDATE 4)

Hi Guys,

as this is project is approaching to its end and all games will be available hopefully soon., I'm opening a new thread to see what project would you like guys to see next.

Here are some ideas:

A) Convert all Sammsiwave games, so they can be played on a NAOMI
B) Make a ALL-in-ONE cartridge for ST-V
C) Improve your VHDL and make new drivers for FPGAArcade Board (www.fpgaarcade.com)
D) DECO Cassete Replacement
E) System24 disk replacement
F) Consoles Drive SD-Card replacement
G) USB2JVS converter
H) Namco 246/256 multi-dongle.
I) Irem M92 "conversion aid tool"
J) CPS1 "conversion aid tool" 
K) Decap a CPS3 Custom SH2 and find a way to reprogramm the keys. 
L) Naomi Universal Bios

Now make your propositions!

Please no crazy stuff, like make my Naomi control my domotic system or that kind of stuff :)))))


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Warzard Revision B (Update 7)

Following the wish list of the poll that was on the page, I continued with Warzard :)

Just when I thought that I had a nice bot, then comes this game that looks like compiled with a different tool and doesnt work so well.

Anyway, I updated the bot (a lot) and here we have the newest version.
I tried the new bot with the already released games and not one single bit changed, which confirms that was a different compiler or programmer :)

But the most difficult here was the fact, that for some hardware related issue, the game froze at the beggining and I had to trace back why ( which is easier to say than to do).

After a VERY long analyse (3 days), I found out that the problem comes when in PC=06003ab6 reads from memory position 25000A00.
In the original it will read FFFFFFFF and in the conversion it will read 0. I patched this and works now OK, but I have no idea why that happens. I'll ask Hartenberger :)

Bottom line. Here is the ISO and the table. Notice that the table will work with v0.4 of the tool, but it wont apply the special patch that I did. I'll release v1.0 soon.


Update 3: Fixed the bugs reported by Matt and some other bugs.
Update 4: I forgotto fix the Mai Long fix reported by Matt. I finished the game with 2 different players and worked great.
Update 5: I fixed some of the Matt reported errors + several more I found.
Update 6: Fixed the ASIA fixed ISO + NO CD Error+ some other fixes.
Update 7: NO CD Error fix. Apparently it looks first for the NOCD byte and if it finds it, it will show automatically ASIA NCD regardless of the Country code. Later this creates some problems as there are no USA NCD or JAPAN NCD.

Friday, April 5, 2013

JOJOBA Revision A (Update 3)

I removed the summary table to avoid any misunderstandings. Now each game will have its own post with the latest version being updated there.

I fixed all the errors I could in JOJOBA. The problem with the fu'ed text is due to something very weird. At the begining of the game, when it should initialize the colour RAM, it takes the data to put on this ram from the cartridge! and the cartridge found is no more the Jojoba one. I guess I can make a patch, but let's have it working first.
Gameplay of Jojoba is REALLY Bizarre, we need the expert players here :)
This JOJOBA vesion was in demo mode for 48 hours without any problem.

Feedback please on JOJOBA!


Monday, April 1, 2013

New version of the Tool (April's fools)

I'm working on a new version of the tool that will allow you to play Spectrum 48k games on a CPS3 board. Given the high computing requirements of this system, it's possible that you need to connect two CPS3 board in parallel so you can properly show the graphics without any frameskip. Stay tuned for more.