Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Warzard Revision B (Update 7)

Following the wish list of the poll that was on the page, I continued with Warzard :)

Just when I thought that I had a nice bot, then comes this game that looks like compiled with a different tool and doesnt work so well.

Anyway, I updated the bot (a lot) and here we have the newest version.
I tried the new bot with the already released games and not one single bit changed, which confirms that was a different compiler or programmer :)

But the most difficult here was the fact, that for some hardware related issue, the game froze at the beggining and I had to trace back why ( which is easier to say than to do).

After a VERY long analyse (3 days), I found out that the problem comes when in PC=06003ab6 reads from memory position 25000A00.
In the original it will read FFFFFFFF and in the conversion it will read 0. I patched this and works now OK, but I have no idea why that happens. I'll ask Hartenberger :)

Bottom line. Here is the ISO and the table. Notice that the table will work with v0.4 of the tool, but it wont apply the special patch that I did. I'll release v1.0 soon.


Update 3: Fixed the bugs reported by Matt and some other bugs.
Update 4: I forgotto fix the Mai Long fix reported by Matt. I finished the game with 2 different players and worked great.
Update 5: I fixed some of the Matt reported errors + several more I found.
Update 6: Fixed the ASIA fixed ISO + NO CD Error+ some other fixes.
Update 7: NO CD Error fix. Apparently it looks first for the NOCD byte and if it finds it, it will show automatically ASIA NCD regardless of the Country code. Later this creates some problems as there are no USA NCD or JAPAN NCD.


  1. Definitely going to try this tonight when I get home!!!!!

  2. Haven't been able to play yet but it freezes in attract mode.

  3. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure [990913] (REV A) Dumped & Converted - Has Issues
    Jojo's Bizzare Adventure [990927] (REV B) Needs Conversion

    Jojo's Venture [981202] (REV A) Needs Conversion
    Jojo's Venture [990108] (REV B) Needs Conversion
    Jojo's Venture [990128] (REV C) Needs Conversion

    Red Earth / Warzard [961023] (REV A) Needs Conversion
    Red Earth / Warzard [961121] (REV B) Dumped & Converted - Has Issues

    Street Fighter III New Generation [970204] (REV A) Dumped & Converted - Seems complete
    Street Fighter III New Generation [970312] (REV B) Needs Dumping then Conversion
    Street Fighter III New Generation [970403] (REV C) Needs Dumping then Conversion

    Street Fighter III 2nd Impact [970930] (REV A) Works by Default
    Street Fighter III 2nd Impact [971016] (REV B) Needs Dumping

    Street Fighter III Third Strike [990512] (REV A) Dumped & Converted - Seems complete
    Street Fighter III Third Strike [990608] (REV B) Dumped & Converted - Seems complete

    1. Hey Dark, is this about correct at this time for the sets?

    2. Has table-3ga.bin been posted (for double impact)?

      In the list above, it says it works by default. Did I miss its release?

      Thanks for all the hard work!!

  4. Thanks for getting out a new game, had been looking forward to playing this for a while

    Update 2:
    *Froze while loading second stage (icelarn?) with Kenji
    *Froze while showing intro story for Mai Ling, skipping the story straight away works
    *Froze while playing against Kongou with Leo (second stage), have had this happen twice now. It is when a green blob seems to burst from Kongou's gut.
    *Froze after I defeated the second incarnation of scion with Mai Ling.

    1. Thanks Matt for extensive feedback. That will certainly be very helpful :) Can you please tell me which country version is your game?

    2. Happy to help. It's an asian cart, so comes up as Red Earth

    3. I burnt update 3 last night but didn't get a proper chance to play it. Unfortunately I did see that there is still a freeze when playing the intro story for Mai Ling.

    4. Cheers for updating the thread with a changelog, I like knowing what to expect! Will test update 4 tonight.

    5. Still having the same freeze on update 4 =[

  5. Download link is broken for me.... :(

  6. Update 4:
    *Tessa: UP + HK after downing an enemy freezes game
    *Mai ling (maybe others): QCB+PPP (elemental) with orange orb (can swap these by pressing start) freezes game.
    *Mai Ling's into story locks up after first dialog "13XX year of our lord"
    *Kenji: Game locks up after 3rd match vs Ravange.

    Fixes verified:
    *Kongou's gut move no longer freezes game
    *Kenji can get to third stage now, freezes after though

  7. Update 5:
    *Freezes during credits for Kenji
    *Freezes during ending sequence dialog while still on Scion's stage with Tessa

    Fixes verified:
    *Mai Ling's intro no longer freezes game
    *Orange orb QCB+PPP no longer freezes game with Mai Ling.
    *Tessa's UP + HK against downed enemies no longer freezes the game
    *Kenji can get past the third screen

  8. -Game Froze on end of 3 wise men dialog while playing with leo.
    -Game locked up on first stage when playing as leo after trying to enter a second player.( the enemy finished his attack then stood there while music still played normal, was able to go to test screen though)
    -Doesn't matter what region cart ( I'm using usa) it comes up as asian and title is Red Earth.
    -When using a nocd (usa) game says Character Check Version( underneath region screen) and when the test menu button is pressed the game will lock, music will play and the text " Common illegal instruction" appears.
    -Lastly dont know whats the difference between Red earth and the other cps3 games but im running these on a big red cab, wired for neo geo so buttons a,b,c are the punches and d usually does nothing.... in Red Earth its the kick button for what ever reason.

    1. As far as the mystery working kick button goes, i can not tell which one it is( it looks like a light kick) because in the test input screen it actually does not register.

    2. There are probably a few kick buttons assigned to the JAMMA harness as well as the auxiliary connector.

      I was going to mention a few of the things you did about the NoCD carts but I've been so damn busy....

    3. @Mrpickelnickel, are you using Update 5? What cartridge do you have? Is it an original one or battery free?

      I can't reproduce the freezing when entering a second player nor the one of the 3 men.
      Also I can't reproduce the failure of the NO-CD Cartridge, as I don't have one myself. Can you upload a picture or even better a video?

      Regarding ASIA, that was my mistake as I uploaded a version converted as ASIA.

    4. I can confirm that when using a USA or Japan NoCD cart it will freeze after hitting the test button.

      However, if you use an Asia NoCD cart it boots and goes into the test menu just fine. Maybe something to do with the Asian forced ISO?

      If you need a video let me know. I can post one.

    5. Mitsu,

      can you try one of the CDs of early updates and see if that happened before? If so, then it's likely to be not related to the ASIA thing.

    6. Yes I will try the last update.

    7. The character check/NoCD issue is exactly the same in update 4 and 5. Asia NoCD cart still works fine.

    8. I'm updating new version in a few minutes. Problem comes from Warzard and SFIII-2I having stored the NOCD byte in a different location. It should be now fixed.
      Interesting thing is that I have found that there are different versions of the game Depending on the higher 4 bits of the country code (which usually is 0X).
      See captures in the following link:

      All versions seem to work the same though, so I believe its probably some special byte for tracking where the copies go.

    9. Still having the same NoCD issues. The date screen has the correct colors (USA is red, Japan is white, Asia is yellow) but they all say 'Asia NCD' and 'Character Check Version' except for the Asia cart which just says Asia with no NoCD note but it still boots without a CD and works fine. USA and Japan still freeze when pushing the test button.

    10. Sorry to say the NoCD problem still exists. Maybe it's not possible to use a NoCD cart with this game simply due to the game's code?

  9. That's becoming irritating. Do you still get the ASIA NCD message with the right colours? Dos it still hang on Service menu?

    1. Still the same. Correct color but says 'character check version' rather than 'NCD'. When pressing the test button it still says 'common illigal(sic) error'

      Asia version NoCD still works fine.

  10. Update 7
    *Game freezes at the end of the story sequence following winning against second scion iteration

    1. ... with Mai Ling. That's the important part

  11. Any bug fix progress on this or JoJo's Bizzare Adventure recently?