Sunday, August 11, 2013

One BIOS to rule them all .....and One play them on and on. (UPDATE 7)

It's a new BIOS that allows choosing country code and can load all 6 games from one single CD.

This his the link for custom SH2 (the one that comes with any cartridge):!ZRVjka6a!De8dDjhHHat2-62M36jzpXQ4B_NwktP6OSlc9uza9vY

And this is the link for cartridges with a standard SH2:!dQsCVBTJ!P9XzayPNvv3IK9spD-nyOl_1x1F798KB5do5eRg97ns

Or you can use this mirror  privded by idc/Team Avalaunch:

If you need to get your BIOS changed you can ask Mitsurugi-w here:
You can also contact Joerg from he is not changing the CPUs but he will change your eprom as usual.

Again, if you need to get your SH2 replaced with a standard one, Contact mitsurugi-w.

Please notice that you can only use it for the games that you own.

And If you like this, consider donating every donation will motivate me to continue with this and new projects.

Also if you can get a system24 for me, It will probably be my next project after DECO.

P.S. One small note. The CPS3-Super-Bios for custom SH2 support the same games as battery free cartridges, which are: SFIII-3S, SFIII-2I, SFIII-NG. To be added are JOJO, JOJOBA and Warzard.
On the other side the CPS3-Super-Bios for standard SH2 will support ALL games except SFIII-2I. The reason for that is that the one with custom sh2 needs the tables for all games except SFIII-2I and the one of standard SH2 only needs them for SFIII-2I.

UPDATE 2: the guy  from won't be doing the SH2 change but he will happily change your bios. For the SH2 So your only option here is Mitsurugi-w, who is the iron master !

UPDATE 3: corrected information on update 2 and this little explanation:
Regarding the CPU on the cartridge, the best is that now we know exactly which CPU it is and therefore we can do more things.

You have two options:
A) you keep the custom CPU which you already have and replace the bios with the new one
B) you replace the CPU and the bios

In case A we need the tables to play games and currently we only have tables for 4 games (2 versions of 3S, 2I and NG ). Missing are warzard, jojo and jojoba. It is possible that the tables are not 100% perfect and you may get some hangs, although to day all 4 games sewm to work 100%

In case B, we don't need tables and all games except 2I will work always 100% error free.

UPDATE 4: I have ready the BIOS and ISO for the cartridges using standard SH2 (the ones of the Saturn). They've been released only to testers and donnors. If you are a donnor and would like to have it, drop me a mail. I have 2 spare cartridges with the new Super BIOS. If you'd like to have one, drop me a message at arcadeotaku. I also ordered some HD6417604SF28 which I believe will also work in the CPS3 cartridges. We'll see....

UPDATE 5: Two cool videos made by Mitsurugi-w here:

UPDATE 6: Super BIOS and ISO for cartridges with standard SH2!! We can consider now CPS3 saved!!dQsCVBTJ!P9XzayPNvv3IK9spD-nyOl_1x1F798KB5do5eRg97ns

UPDATE 7: Replaced wrong link for custom SH2 on top of this entry. Also added for convenience link for standard SH2.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who needs a custom SH2? Mitsurugi-w and I don't

Why do you need a Custom SH2 when you can run games from a standard SH2!!!!!

Proof of concept here:

Thanks to Mitsu-w who made all the soldering, testing shild I was working on the BIOS. He is the best supporter ever.

I have 95% ready the new multi-game BIOS that will run all 6 games from 1 single CD (yes all 6 inside one unique CD).

I will adapt this BIOS so it will run also from standard SH2.

This opens the door to many features:
The most important one, no tables are needed anymore and the games will be working 100% as in the original.
The second, we can easily edit or modify the SH2 code directly.
The third one, for the purists, we can include a routine to decrypt 'on the go' the games using original CDs.

More ideas?