Friday, September 21, 2012

All cartridges can be restored now!

Our friend Oliveira found the way to unbrick the remaining A and B cartridges!
All cartridges can be restored now!!
The trick was with the black cable left after removing the battery.
At the moment All cartridges can be restored to work as SF III-2nd Strike.
More news coming soon about the latest version of the conversion tool.
Our Big thanks to our friend Oliveira.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another one goes down

Today I managed to get one more kind of cartridge to work without battery and this are the ones that have a C sticker on the CPU. Olveira managed to get the D sticker working.

So basically we got 50% of the 4 versions that can now work without battery and we are missing the A and B type which are the ones that in the back side of the cartridge have a FM1208S instead of a MACH111.

Oliveira already told what needs to be done for a cartridge without battery to work, so for the ones who missed it, here it goes:

"The SH2 CPU needs to see a specific sequence of 8 bytes at a certain address (0x7FF00) when it has no keys programmed before it can operate."

So If we put this sequence in the BIOS of any C or D cartridge, the cartridge will boot without battery and with a specific default key.

The thing is that with my tool we can convert all games to work for SF3-2nd, as soon as this is supported. As you know a table needs to be done in order to separate instructions from code.

Today ElSemi told me that he will create a special version of his emulator to create this tables.

Thumbs Up! We are on the right way!


By some very lucky accident, our friend Oliveira, managed to revive a dead SF3-3 Cartridge and convert it to SF3-2.

We are now trying several roms reencypted to see which conclusions we can draw from it. The only fact till now is that only one kind of cartridge (out of 4) can be revived.

Apparently after re-encryption, the cartridge can work with any game's BIOS, so we could re-encrypt all this cartridges with the SF3-3 BIOS that allows using only 1 single CD for update.

This will also mean that one can have a collection of 6 CDS that will work with that BIOS....

Stay tuned!