Friday, September 21, 2012

All cartridges can be restored now!

Our friend Oliveira found the way to unbrick the remaining A and B cartridges!
All cartridges can be restored now!!
The trick was with the black cable left after removing the battery.
At the moment All cartridges can be restored to work as SF III-2nd Strike.
More news coming soon about the latest version of the conversion tool.
Our Big thanks to our friend Oliveira.


  1. OMG!!! Just a n00b-question to undestand it right:
    Do I need a 3rd Strike cart or can I use my dead Warzard and turn it into a 3rd Strike?
    Much Love and all my respect!!!

  2. Every cartridge can be restored to SF-III 2ND Giant!!

  3. Maybe a dumb question, but while your on it.... when the protection is completely broken, would it be possible to add another medium to the board, let's say compact flash or sd card reader to get rid of the flashing process and have every ready on boot.
    if you think something like that could be done (like those multi cps2 boards from china) i'm sure people would finally start donating... you would so much deserve it for all your fabolous work!
    thanks again guys!

  4. Is this progress towards being able to resurrect a dead 3s cart?

  5. OF course it is. Just remove the battery of your dead cart and reprogramm the BIOS with the BIOS of SF3-2ndImpact and you'll have a working cartridge again.

    As soon as the new version of the tool will be ready, you can then have 6 CDs prepared for each of the games.

  6. Cool. Will donate another 80 when it happens if I can get my Third Strike kit up and running again! I have a working 2i cart already, as well as a dead 3s.

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