Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Progress on new version of the tool

Some of you have been wondering why there has been no news about the new version of the tool. The main reason is that for now we can only convert cartridges into SF3-2I. Due to the special encryption of this game (it only encrypts code, but not data, and code and data are mixed in memory), we need to either A)manually disassemble all the memory and mark what is code and what is data or B) create a version of any emulator and have it dumping all the PCs that it runs. Obviously the B is the most logical one. We can start from this version that works almost perfect and when people find a bug, they can report that or contribute fixing it.

The problem is that I got a special version of the CPS3 Emulator of ElSemi, but apparently he's using some very clever tricks in ordere to emulate some things. On the Other hand MAME appears to be more Hardware-compatible, so after working for some time on the first version I just shifted to MAME.

I didn't give up the option of trying to fix the cartridges towards another type of encryption which would ease things a lot and will avoid people having to worry about a game crashing.

Here you can see a video of my setup running with A and B cartridges (sorry for the quality):

Having said that, the new version of the tool is ready, the only problem are the tables that must come with it and that will tell the program what to decrypt and what not inside the 10 and 20 files.

Stay tuned for more.

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