Monday, December 26, 2011

Small off topic

There are still two main things to do in order to completely break the CPSIII system: One of them is adding support from/to 2nd Giant. The other one is taking back to life dead cartridges. Both things will take a loooot of time and any support I get will certainly motivate me moving forward.

Besides the donate button, there are two other ways you can support for free this project if you like it:

* If you find it interesting, click on any of the ads that are shown on the blog.
* If you come from France, please tell all your friends about my other french site: (I really hope this works out so I can definitely move to France :)

Hope you didn't mind this little off topic and expect more CPS3 news very soon!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Release v0.3

And a new version is usual rename to RAR and extract.

Some bugs have been fixed, but the biggest improvement is....REGION SELECTOR!
You can now choose the region that you want it to run, regardles of the cartridge version that you have. Nice isn't it??

This time, supports all ISOS available of SFIII 3rd strike and JoJos adventure. No SFIII 2ndImpact yet :(

Enjoy Christmas y'all there.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Do you know these versions??

See below some links of some "special" versions of Warzard/Red Earth.

The new version of the tool (coming soon) will let you choose the target country code of the ISOS generated. They will work independently of the country code of the cartridge.

@Ian: It will support Warzard country code.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Comments about the tool

The v0.2 of the tool, that works with ISOS, for the moment supports all ISOS except  JJK-160 and 33S-2 which have different CD structures than JJK-140 and 33S-1 respectively. This will be updated soon.

Regarding what contains every CD, CD2 contains always what can't fit in CD1 following this rule:

20 --> 10
50 --> 30
60 --> 40

That means that IF target CD has no file 20, 2nd CD will have file 20 in the position of 10. However if target CD has 20 it will go in CD1.

i.e. if we want to play JOJOBA on a JOJO cartridge, the 1st CD will have correct files 10,20,30,31,40 and 41 (meaning SIMMS 1,2,3 and 4).
From the 2nd CD only interest us the files 50 and 51 which will be located in position of 30 and 31 (SIMM 3).
To make it correctly, install first CD2 (will update SIMM3) replace SIMM3 with an new one, update using CD1 and place the SIMM3 extracted in the 1st update into position SIMM5. Notice that in both updates we should keep something in SIMM5, for the BIOS to let us upgrade.

I hope it's clear now :)

Apparently there is A 2nd revision of JOJO Bizzarre adventure with date 990927. If you manage to get it please let me know.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Tool v0.2

See below link for new tool ready to work with ISOS. Rename to RAR and extract.

The tool will automatically generate 2 ISOS if needed and recognizes all CPS3 CDs.

Regarding SFIII-2nd the tool is prepared to support a decryption table so it can be reconverted for each cartridge.

No time yet to release a proper TXT file. As stated in the source code, this is released as GNU General Public License. If you release a new binary, you also have to release the source code so others can enjoy your change.

A new version with nice menu for Windows in Visual C++ will be available soon.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The new tool and Street Fighter III - 2nd Impact

I'm currently working on a new version of the tool that works directly with ISO files and recognizes automatically the game, so you just enter the filename of the input ISO and the filename of an ISO of the output cartridge and you'll get the game converted. You need to input a second ISO to copy the header and some other data that will remain unchanged from an ISO of the destination cartridge.
The tool should hopefully be ready soon and will be released together with source code.

This will give a lot of options to people who want to develop it further like i.e. using infinite energy, change the country code,etc.

I have asked a colleague to port it to Visual C++ what will make it even easier as you can use the browser and just click on the isos.

Regarding SFIII-2 please notice that this is a very special version. The code itself is still encypted using the keys 0x00000000 and 0x00000000, BUT the data is not. This means that we have mixed encrypted and non encrypted data in consecutive adresses....So how to convert from one system to anouther??

At the moment I am working on a background logging routine that outputs every memory address that has been read in the range 0x06000000-0x06ffffff. With this we can try to identify which part is data and which part is code. The problem is that you have to start the logger and start playing, inserting coins, playing the game to the end, enter the Service menu, Win a battle, lose a battle, to sum up, you have to make sure that all the possible instructions are being run, because if not, my program won't decode them and if we ever happen to execute this instruction, the programm will probably freeze.
I'm trying this logger with SFIII-2 what means that if I have success, one can play SFIII-2 in OTHER systems. If we want the SFIII-2 cartridge to run other games, we have to do exactly the same for the other 5 GAMES(play them to the end, process the log and create a decryption table that will allow us to convert them to the destination cartridge). It may sound easier to say than to do....believe me :)

Last but not least I would like to thank all the people who donate. For me it's a good sign that you like my job and will motivate me on working further. THANK YOU!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The tool

Rename to RAR and extract.

I'm already working on the tool that will support ISOs directly and will recognize them regardless their name. However for those who are not willing to wait....

Notice that SFIII 2nd Impact is not supported yet.

Let me know how it works for you.