Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Release v0.3

And a new version is usual rename to RAR and extract.

Some bugs have been fixed, but the biggest improvement is....REGION SELECTOR!
You can now choose the region that you want it to run, regardles of the cartridge version that you have. Nice isn't it??

This time, supports all ISOS available of SFIII 3rd strike and JoJos adventure. No SFIII 2ndImpact yet :(

Enjoy Christmas y'all there.


  1. Awesome job! Thanks again for your all your hard work. Trying to get a new gen or any other working cps3 cart right now, cant wait to try it once 2nd impact is supported. Wish all my other carts hadnt died. Have a merry christmas, and get some rest!

  2. Thanks! Christmas time is good time to rest :))

    As a parallel thing, after christmas I'll start recompiling a new version of MAME that will help generating the decryption tables that will provide support for 2ndImpact.

    Anyone found any of the missing versions of Jojos or any other of the games??

  3. I may be dumb... But I can't download the latest version of the tool... That Netload thing won't let me do so ^^
    HELP !

  4. I had a question regarding the tool, i just got my asian sfiii3 cart back, and i wanted it to run the USA 990512 version. If i rip my cd to iso, then run "cps3_iso_converter_v.0.3.c sfiii3.iso sfiii3.iso usa" will this result in a USA iso that when written to the cps3 hardware will boot the USA version of 990512 with my asian cart?


  5. Well, i hooked it all up and tried it, worked perfect! thanks again for all your hard work!