Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Tool v0.2

See below link for new tool ready to work with ISOS. Rename to RAR and extract.

The tool will automatically generate 2 ISOS if needed and recognizes all CPS3 CDs.

Regarding SFIII-2nd the tool is prepared to support a decryption table so it can be reconverted for each cartridge.

No time yet to release a proper TXT file. As stated in the source code, this is released as GNU General Public License. If you release a new binary, you also have to release the source code so others can enjoy your change.

A new version with nice menu for Windows in Visual C++ will be available soon.



  1. Great progress, I'd love to help out with docs, website-related stuff or graphics - jus let me know if you need anything.
    T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U !!!

  2. so is it possibile to use Gian Attack catridge to load and boot third strike now?
    i have to be honest, i didn't exactly undesrtand what happened with this game

  3. The new tool isn't working for me. I was able to convert Warzard, SFIII-NG, and SFIII-3S for my US JoJo's Venture cart successfully with the old tool. Only JoJo's Bizarre Adventure wouldn't load (gave me an ERROR: 44 or ERROR: 60 after reaching 99%).

    I tried the new tool for JJBA and liked how the loading logo changed to match the game so I made new discs for the other three games as well. I have tried all of them and now receive ERROR: 60 right when it should reach 100% and reboot on all of the discs made with the new tool.

    The old discs still work, so there isn't any error with my setup.

    Thanks, again, for all the work on this project.

  4. I just tried Warzard 961121 Japan on a system that was running JoJo's Adventure and worked perfectly. I can only think of a different CD version than the on I have. If I could have a look at that ISO....that might help.

  5. @Egoisto. No support for SFIII- Giant yet, although everything is in a quite advanced state. when I have the code ready, I may need volunteers to play the game from beggining to end, try all menus, combos, etc. so we make sure the output version will work OK.

  6. Fast progress!

    Just to reiterate my previous reply to the last post:


    "I have noticed that Warzard/Red Earth will always run as Japan region.

    "This appears to be because Warzard/Red Earth looks for the region flag at offset 0x1FEDB in the cart BIOS, where the other five games have it at offset 0x1FECB. The game defaults to Japan since it doesn't find a valid region value.

    "Therefore, the Warzard/Red Earth code needs to be patched to read from offset 0x1FECB.

    "If using a Warzard/Red Earth cart, then the five other games will need to be patched to read from offset 0x1FEDB."


    I've not had time to look into this as of yet, but it should be relatively simple to patch the region check to read from offset 0x1FEDB if the target cart is Warzard/Red Earth, or to patch a source Warzard/Red Earth ISO to read from offset 0x1FECB for use with other carts.

    Also, it should be possible to hard-code a chosen region so it plays as that region, regardless of the region of the cart.

  7. @La pastilla roja de matrix: I can send you my ISOs. My email is I can give you a complete detail of how I used the first tool to make working ISOs and how I have tried (unsuccessfully) to use the V.2 tool.

    I also have a working JP SFIII-Giant Attack cart, so I could help test that conversion if you need it.

  8. @Ian, yes, what you say can probably be done. I'll put it in the to-do list.