Monday, December 26, 2011

Small off topic

There are still two main things to do in order to completely break the CPSIII system: One of them is adding support from/to 2nd Giant. The other one is taking back to life dead cartridges. Both things will take a loooot of time and any support I get will certainly motivate me moving forward.

Besides the donate button, there are two other ways you can support for free this project if you like it:

* If you find it interesting, click on any of the ads that are shown on the blog.
* If you come from France, please tell all your friends about my other french site: (I really hope this works out so I can definitely move to France :)

Hope you didn't mind this little off topic and expect more CPS3 news very soon!!



  1. hi, just donated a few bucks, hopes that we will be able to bring back to life dead carts in the future :)

  2. No big news yet, but an update is coming soon :O
    Thx for the donation btw :)

  3. Viens en france tu es le bienvenue ;)
    Mon street 3.3 est mort hier soir (RIP)
    Je te souhaite bon courage et de mener a bien ce projet pour tous les maoureux du CPS3 dans ma situation :'(
    (vu la mort non programmée de mon 3.3 le don sera pour plus tard, promis)