Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another one goes down

Today I managed to get one more kind of cartridge to work without battery and this are the ones that have a C sticker on the CPU. Olveira managed to get the D sticker working.

So basically we got 50% of the 4 versions that can now work without battery and we are missing the A and B type which are the ones that in the back side of the cartridge have a FM1208S instead of a MACH111.

Oliveira already told what needs to be done for a cartridge without battery to work, so for the ones who missed it, here it goes:

"The SH2 CPU needs to see a specific sequence of 8 bytes at a certain address (0x7FF00) when it has no keys programmed before it can operate."

So If we put this sequence in the BIOS of any C or D cartridge, the cartridge will boot without battery and with a specific default key.

The thing is that with my tool we can convert all games to work for SF3-2nd, as soon as this is supported. As you know a table needs to be done in order to separate instructions from code.

Today ElSemi told me that he will create a special version of his emulator to create this tables.

Thumbs Up! We are on the right way!


  1. To everyone following this progress:
    Please consider a donation for this awesome piece of work!!!!

  2. Fantastic news !

    Looks like we're close now from "Phoenix" Cartridges.

    One question though. Wouldn't it be easier to obtain a 3.3 C or D cartridge, dump the BIOS, read the data at 0x7FF00 and then revive all C or D cartridges as 3rd Strike cartridges ?
    3rd strike doesn't need encryption table and is the bigger CPS3 game so it would be the best choice, no ?