Friday, September 20, 2013

CPS2 and CPS3 SIMMS Batch (UPDATE 1)

I'm planning to make a batch of SIMMS for CPS2 and/or CPS3 given the little supply available for them.

Before moving forward, I'd like to know how many people would be interested on that. This is non binding, but will help me decide to go/no go

If you are one of those, please reply how many of each SIMMS (32Mb, 64Mb and 128Mb) you'd be willing to buy. This will be produced in China so prices should be reasonable. However just a single flash chip cost $8. Multiply that by 4 + PCB + Shipping + Taxes and we will end up easily with over $60 per 128Mb SIMM.

Let me know your thoughts.

UPDATE1: There is a poll on the right. Use it.


  1. Reproducing the SIMMs is what I had in mind too. Given the fact that the chips are pretty pricey why not building a pcb that only needs 1 128MBit-chip and adjust the pinout for that.
    Of course this will only work if the CPS3 can handle it...
    But it would be worth a try either making a 128-SIMM with only 1 chip or fill the whole thing up with big chips and teach the board to write a certain game only to a certain area or chip so that all 6 games can co-exist in the memory.

    Since I had a bad flash and a hard time recovering from that, I would certainly buy 2 pieces of 64MBit SIMMs.

    If you need any vector-based artwork to make the replicas look more authentic please let me know!

  2. @Alex, i should have two spare 64MBit SIMMs in case you need 'em.

    you can contact me over or ArcadeOtaku as @alaska-

  3. A high-level engineer could surely come up with a cost effective solution (rather than a direct replacement).

    I personally would be exploring the route of installing a CPLD memory controller, and use modern-technology flash memory. In theory, you could run two "super simms", one for the left bank and one for the right bank, and have the CPLD memory controller handle all of the bank swapping and mapping. Just a thought.

  4. Hi, I've been wondering if anyone has tried a cisco simm for this ( I might myself, should we ever get a few extras at work). Cisco has proprietary flash simms for routers and such in rack servers, with a 72 pin configuration, running at 3.3 and 5 volts. I've seen them all the way up to 128mb, in a similar configuration to the CPS3 simms. The 32 mb simms are virtually identical, but the 128's vary. Just thought I'd share that

  5. Which series of Cisco Routers. Can you get the pinout?
    A picture would be nice also.

  6. hello, this idea got realized? if so, i just wanted some 2 128bit and 1 64bit

  7. Could also use some 128MB and 64MBs

    1. Come to our forum. You can get them from there: