Saturday, August 6, 2011

Understanding the CD

I have decided to give a try and check the structure of the CDs of CPS3, maybe I can change the code and get some infinite lives or even better change my system to another game.

After some research I found the Blog of Andy:
If code is encripted, it's gonna be trickier than I expected....

I extracted the files of my SFIII NewGen CD and created a copy of it, file by file, but my board doesn't recognise the CD :((

I have changed the content of files 10,30,31,40,41 with an HEX Editor and it now recognises the CD and starts the game. This means I'm gonna have to use an HEX Editor to change the content of the ISO.

Files 30 and 31 are related to graphics so I'll replace their content with the content of Warzard/Red Earth which seems to run with the same amount of memory.

After finding out how to upgrade the game in the service menu (might not be so easy to find if you have a Jap BIOS) the sytem starts upgrading....

Ploff!!! at the middle of the process, the upgrade stopped and the screen says that I should contact the technical service WTF! :((( Did I brick my CPS3???

I start my system again and it says automatically that I should  upgrade the system. I insert my original CD and upgrades back to SFIII New Gen (luckily).

I believe there should be some sort of CRC check. I have to think over how to go next.

The final result of all this, can be checked here:

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