Monday, March 12, 2012

adding support for SFII-2nd and decapping


This is a small update on the status of the breaking process.

I used the sygnal analyser without much luck, so before putting much of my time into something that I'm not sure if it will pay off, I contacted a colleague that has previous experience in the retro-engineering  ICs and we'll try to decapp a couple of custom SH2 and find out how to reprogram them or at least narrow down the number of pins that are accessing the encryption module.

Regarding the support for SFIII-2nd I have tried to creat a new version of MAME that will just 'printf' each address (PC) that is being executed by the SH2 but I I can't get to have them all printed out.

For that reason and following Alex's propositionI'm asking for support of the experts around there to provide new C files that need to be changed in order to get printed all the addresses that are executed. An improved version should ideally generate a table that sets to one te value of an address if it was exectued, so we avoid getting laaaarge output files. This is not critical, as a little script in Notepad++ could do the job.

When we have a working C version, then I'll ask you to run it, send me the output files that you get, so I can integrate them all and put them in the latest version of the tool.

We'll (hopefully) set up an open code environment for this, so meanwhile please send your files via

Waiting for your feedback....


  1. Any news? It's been a while and just wanted to ask how it's going...
    Please don't let this project die!!!

  2. Same Here... Don't let it Die !

  3. I have no experience with working with the MAME codebase, but I am a professional software developer. What you're asking for doesn't sound like too difficult of a thing to do. I will try to take a look at this when I have some free time (not often).

  4. Greetings!
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    We would be wish try to translate game on slot machine CPS2. Could you be help us to understand a data storage format (graphic, text and font) in game Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom (Euro 940412) [ddtod]?

    In a game file "dad.20m" there are found fonts and all graphic. What editor exist for change this (font and graphic)? Tile Molister in 4bpp planar incorrectly displays a game palette.
    Similar data in a file "dad.18m" too. But it look even worse...

    Sadly but we not found any game text...

    If you will help, we would be very grateful to you.

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  5. Question:

    If you take for example, a working third strike kit, is it possible to then write this to the board as a Japan NO CD kit - thus allowing me to remove the CD drive completely and have it boot?

    1. btw I mean using the mame files which have the Japan 990512 NO-CD romset.

    2. No, since the No CD flag is set in the cart BIOS, not in the software on the CD/SIMMs.

  6. I have been infatuated by this blog quite a bit. I miss playing 3S and someday would love to own a CPS3 cabinet. Is this project still going on? I'd like to donate, but without an update in roughly 5 months, it makes it difficult to justify it.

    Keep it up and keep us updated! You rock man!

  7. Dear Pablo,
    please just let us know what you think.
    Is this the end?
    I guess we need closure because not getting any signs of life is killing. Please my friend, if you don't have time for this anymore or lost interest, please collect your findings and information about the CPS3 and make them available for others. That would be my last wish. I am so grateful for everything you achieved, but this thing will die if there's no communi(ty)cation. I'm sure there must be someone worthy to walk in your footsteps. You just need to point them in the right direction.

    Thank You!

  8. Hello everybody,

    Sorry for the luck of updates.

    I'm willing and I've always been open to provide any information to anyone that needs it, moreover I've always provide the source code of my applications so others can have a look.

    Regarding support for CPS-III 2nd Impact, I was trying to get a mame EXE that would printf ALL the addresses where the PC runs, but besides Alex help I got a big silent. If someone sends me this exe I'll provide support for 2nd Impact.

    Regarding the revival of cartridges, which is the most important part of this all, I got some problems with the signal analyator and took the produce 2 months to send it back, so somehow lost interest. Now that I have it back, I'll give a final try and try to beat that bixch.

    Talk soon