Thursday, March 21, 2013

Battery Free Tutorial

VERY IMPORTANT, this will allow you to have a battery free cartridge, but will work only as a SFIII-2nd Impact.


  1. Very helpful tutorial. The only problem I had was that after soldering the black wire to the upper most right pin I got a black screen with Japanese text after powering up the game. After I desoldered the wire, I decided to solder it back in place where it was originally and after that the game started as normal.

  2. Saludos, podrias explicarme por favor un poco ya que tengo un cartucho de sfIII 2nd impact version B, pero si es necesario hacer el proceso con la bateria puesta todavia y soldar el cable de la tableta pequeña a donde indicas y despues remover la bateria? o no importa si se remueve la bateria antes de todas formas funcionara?

  3. Retire la batería. Entonces, es necesario soldar el cable negro al pin uno como se indica. Si la batería está muerta, retirarlo para evitar la corrosión.

    (Mi español es malo)

  4. @Mitsurugi, your spanish is excellent!

    @Luis, si ya es un cartucho de SFIII-2ndImpact no hace falta hacer nada, aunque es recomendable quitar la bateria porque acabara corroyendose y si empieza a soltar liquido, malo.

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  6. Hello,
    I need one precision please.
    I have downloades the ISO Update 6 of Street Fighter 3.3.
    I need to flash the bios of my security cart.
    The file .bin nammed "table-33s2.bin" is the bios ?
    I have a JOJO security cart who is dead, and i want to make a free battery version because my SF 3.3 is dead.
    If i understand, i just have to buy a EEPROM 29F400BT and i program it with the SF 3.2 bios.
    If it's wright, where can i download this bios please.
    Thanks a lot, and sorry for my bad english.