Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sega Bass Fishing Challenge

I succesfully converted Sega Bass Fishing Challenge (except analog controls) to Naomi and it works well in MAME and DEMUL (In noami mode) but as happens with MSLUG 6 and KOFNW it won't boot on the real thing....This is now pissing me off! It seems to be the same problem in all 3 games. Probably video related...

I guess I'll need to take care of that as 1st priority now.

Here is the link to Bass Fishing for the ones who want to try it:


  1. Mslug 6 is a big ticket item. I know I donated mostly just for this game. The rest are just a bonus! You're a very brilliant "hacker/cracker". I'm sure you'll figure it out.