Saturday, February 15, 2014

Releasing Fist of the North Star!

Sorry for the luck of Updates. Real Life, work and ST-V are keeping me very busy.

I think I know how to solve the issue of black screen in some games and will get back very soon. Also I have almost ready conversion of driving games.


Btw. I just got 3 new Taito F3 cartridges....I can't stop thinking how nice would be a Multi-Game cartridge for this system. Probably many things can be "recycled" from STV projects :)


  1. Hi!

    Is this the same file that was released to donators? I ask as that file crashed and was wondering if this is a fixed version? Thanks!

  2. how about guilty gear isuka ? :D

  3. Can you check my donator access please? Still not received any mail from you - now couple of months ago already!

  4. That files crashed my dim with a naomi 2 , now I can't even boot another naomi games anymore :(

    1. Darahin, you are the only person out of hundred that reported that error, so it's likely that it's due to some problem with your hardware, your CF or something misplaced within the DIMM. Check it and go to the forums for support.

  5. I'm using net boot , so no problem with the hardware :)

    I'm gonna try to load a game from a gdrom just to see what the dimm gonna say ...

  6. ... I can't wait until you can dedicate time to this project again.

  7. Friend would like to know if u partou with prjeto Atomiswave roms converted to naomi because I wanted to get other games appreciate the attention.