Friday, January 30, 2015

Dirty Pigskin converted!

I finished converting this game from AW to Naomi. Unfortunately it kind of works in Emulators but not on real Naomi yet.

More updates soon.


  1. Yeah, I was coming in to mention it goes in to attract and runs through attract fine but no inputs work (cant' start, can't go in to settings, etc)...

  2. Thanks for your work on converting these games - but unfortunately i am having problems making my Naomi 2 run both metal slug 6 and dolphin blue.
    All other normal Naomi 1/2 games works with no problems.

    The system is with a 4.02 netdimm board and a netboot security chip hooked up to a Sega cf reader.

    Both games load, verify, and boot without problems, but i cannot for some reason get past the games system menu. When i have accepted the settings and exit the menu, the system just reenter the menu again after a few seconds - no matter what settings i have chosen.

    I think your help is needed ;)


  3. Games work correctly for everybody afaik. I believe Japanese BIOS can in some cases give problems, but what you mention nobody saw before, so should be a problem with your setup.

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  5. Samurai Shodown IV is now working ... I've loaded it up 4 or 5 times... one time it loaded in to the service menu with no inputs working (right after uploading the game to NAOMI).... but a reboot and it was fine... and it happened only once.

    I've not had Dirty Pigskin Football do what it did the first time (no inputs) since it happened the first time ... it's loaded fine and played immediately...

    Each game, when they did load with no inputs, were fixed by simply reloading.