Thursday, June 19, 2014

Final ISOS for CPS3 Released!!!

I have decided to release the final ISOS for CPS3 both for custom SH2 and standard SH2.

The filenames are the exact ones to play it on MAME.

If you got the CPU in your cartridge changed then you need the HD6417095 version. If you just got your cartridge BIOS changed, then you need the custom.


You can download the BIOS from here:

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  1. Hi! Thanks for all the great work you are doing.. really awesome things you are achieving :D. I have a small question about a earlier post you made some time ago, when thinking about your next project.("Irem M92 "conversion aid tool"). Its a bit out of topic now maybe but I have a in the hunt board that I would like to try and re-rom to Undercover Cops Alpha/Japan. Since the licenced korean UC alpha board is running on the exact same boards as my japanese In the hunt I thought Id give it a go, but I guess some rom would need to bee re-encrypted to match the cpu? (I will of course not use the in the hunt eproms, I will take fresh ones to keep the originals). Is it even possible to do this kind of romswap? the korean UC runs on M92-E board. Please get back to me if you have time: Thanks for your time!

  2. So everything is working in the ISOs? That is awesome. I heard that you can be commissioned to work on projects as well?

  3. I have a CD that isn't being read by my CPS3 drive. If I were to burn my own, which would you recommend? Not sure which version of the cart mine is, but my original 3rd Strike CD/cart work perfectly. Just not the burn disc.

  4. Make sure that you burn the CD at the lowest possible speed in your CD/DVD Writer. If you write at a speed above 10x I doubt it will work.

  5. I have a cart with the bios when I load red earth and coin up when I press start I get an error saying no cd

    Do you know what the issue is?

  6. Never seen that before must be a problem with your setup.

  7. No all other games are fine except for warzard red earth

    I have more than enough Simms also