Thursday, August 14, 2014

Production status updated

After doing my best in order to get good quality flash chips. I could only secure enough for 50 units. That's half of the 100 carts. The rest I'm going to have to order from Greenliant directly. I will order also enough for CPS2 and Taito F3 project, so this will not happen again. I have received several quotes from questionable chinese suppliers and to be honest I don't want that after all the care and time spent put in this project, see everything go south for just installing some bad quality flashes and having people sending me back their cartrdges for repair and ending up thinking that this was a bad product. I want to provide you with quality from the beggining to the end. As I said before, this works with any STV motherboard or BIOS, I have checked loading times with many different type of flahes and microSD in order to provide the best result. If your cartridge goes broken for any reason send it back and if it's due to any production issues you'll get it fixed for free.

I will start production on monday for the first 50 units that will go to the first 50 people who ordered it. The rest will unfortunately need to wait until the freshly baked flashes arrive. For those who have to wait, I will include a Multi Region BIOS if they so wish completely free.

At least I feel reliefed because I feel confident that the feedback from those first 50 people who should receive the cartridge in 1-2 weeks will be excellent.

I'll keep you updated.


  1. What is the wait time for the freshly baked memory? You'd mentioned posting a date to determine which side of the "50" a buyer is on... I am pretty certain I am on the back half... but it would be nice to know for sure.

    Also, any plans on going back to the Atomiswave project at some point? It would be AWESOME to play Metal Slug 6 on Naomi.



  2. So has the first batch been posted?