Saturday, November 29, 2014

Converting any standard DIMM to version 4.02

There has been some discussion lately about possibly using a standard Naomi DIMM to load games using a CF kit.  The overall concensus of the arcade community has always been that a NetDIMM is REQUIRED to run a CF kit on the Naomi.  So we set out to find a way to use a standard DIMM for a CF kit.  As it turns out, the method had already been discovered by a man named TylerDurden67.  After doing some testing ourselves here is the result:

DIMM converted was Rev. 1.02 beforehand!!!

This is a huge discovery for the arcade community as we can now dust off those old DIMMs that have been lying around unused for years!!

He's also offering CF Kits at a very good price.

Contact Mitsurugi-w here: mitsurugi_w at_  if you want to convert your standard DIMM or get a CF kits. He's charging 25 USD for the update.


  1. It's free if you buy a CF kit from me.

  2. Can the DIMMs now use up to 512MB RAM and run games like Melty Blood: Actress Again and Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned?

    1. I'm not sure. If the 4.02 bios allows the larger games then this should also.

  3. Mitsurugi-w how can I contact you to purchase a CF kit from you?

  4. Please how to make hokuto no ken to work on nulldc naomi how to make lst file please help

  5. Please Darksoft can you post on site lst files for hokuto no ken and others games for nulldc naomi please man

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  7. Hi I would be interested. I live in Italy.

  8. Contact us at please.