Monday, November 17, 2014

Releasing Guilty Gear Isuka!

Come on Naomiers go grab it....and you see that button on the right? If you like it...donate!

And if you like the ads, click on them.


  1. Mande 10$ USD el otro dia. Espero que te ayude in poco. :) gracias por todo el buen trabajo.

  2. Well. There has been 237 downloads since I published the link and only one donation of $10. Next game is not converted yet, probably will be Rumble Fish 2, BUT it will be release only when the 10 donations are reached. Previous donors will get immediately as it's ready as usual.

  3. Well my donation was sent to you from my @rocketmail account via PayPal. :D

  4. Got a crash on my Naomi 1 board. On P2 side, playing as Slayer - it hangs when you lose a match and the screen fades to black.

    Not entirely sure if this is down to your conversion though. No idea if Isuka just doesn't work 100% on non-4-player cabs (mine is 2 player like most), as it seems to expect 4 players going by the credit counters along the bottom.

  5. Never got such a crash. People please post your experience.

    1. Hmm, strange, it's happened every time I've tried it. Regular Naomi 1 motherboard, 21576G BIOS (I think), 256mb NetDIMM. Ver 1 Sega JVS I/O in a Naomi Universal cab.

      I have a button wired up to my credit board that puts one credit on both sides, which usually results in two credits being added to a game when it thinks there's only one credit slot, but in Isuka, only the P2 side gets a credit added. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Unlikely, but might as well mention it.

      TBH, if no one else reports this and you can't fix it, I'm not going to be upset as I don't think it's a very good game anyway. :) But I appreciate the work you're putting in to making all these AW games work!

  6. Everything is running smooth on my Naomi 1. But mine is a 512mb. I don't know if that makes a difference. Also using a Capcom I/O.

  7. Come on guys! Lets get those donations in to help support future releases. Thank you Darksoft for all your hard work. And yes, I donated in the very beginning :)