Monday, October 14, 2013

2nd IMPACT for Standard SH2 Cartridges (UPDATE 2 RELEASE)

Here is the first pre-release of SFIII-2I for Standard SH2 cartridges.

This version is only working in cartridges with a Standard SH2 CPU.

This is not the final version yet. So please test it and report.

I know not everybody has a Standard SH2 cartridge, so if you do have one, your help is apreciated.

If you don't have one, you can get them from Mitusrugi-w as usual.

Here the ISO and table:


  1. Sent you the report. Freezes right after boot. Same for anyone else?

  2. That was a wrong version. Uploading the latest one later.

  3. Been testing the new version. I get a freeze when using Ryu against Oro. Freezes after being swept by oro.

  4. Another freeze against oro. Guessing oro s trying to do a move and it freezes.

    Freezes going into first bonus stage (black screen, music plays)

    Freeze against Necro. Possibly about to do a move.

  5. Come on guys. More testing is needed! Code Robot is not perfect, we need the human touch.

  6. I've burnt the disk but I'm unable to write it to my setup. I go to the service menu, go onto the menu with "rewrite all" as I would have previously, swap the disk and hit go. Apparently the disk is invalid.

    Is there a certain technique to writing these with the superbios and standard sh-2?

  7. You should not need to enter the menu to write 2I. It should tell you a new disk is in the drive and ask you to rewrite. This ISO ONLY includes 2I for testing. It it dies not ask you to rewrite, swap simms 1 and 2. It should then ask you to. Do not enter the Darksoft menu to write this one.

  8. That worked a treat, thanks Mitsu.

    Some findings for this release:
    *As mitsu said, can't get into first bonus stage.
    A few unreproducible things I noticed:
    (me) Ken vs Sean, game crashed with Ken on the floor while I was bashing down to quick roll. Unable to replicate, my quick-rolls seem fine normally.
    (me) Ken vs necro super jump forward roundhouse
    (me) Ken vs yang close mp on yang wakeup
    (me) Ken vs urien, crash after Urien low roundhouse, knocking me down and I bash down to quick roll
    (me) Yun vs elena, crash after whiffed strong shoulder (shoryuken input)

    As I say, none of these things seem reproducible, which makes me think that rather than my inputs directly causing these crashes, it is instead the AI's unpredictable but (often) shared random reaction code. This is going to be the sort of thing that playing the game more while dumping the memory will help to find.

    Hope that's useful.

  9. Wether playing as or against Elena, the game will lock up when she starts the victory animation.

    I also had the game lock up once during the attract mode (Hugo vs. someone I can't remember) after about 2 hours, but I have since had it run for over 6 without any lockups.