Friday, October 4, 2013

Atomiswage to Naomi (UPDATE 3) - Releasing Demolish FIST

We have successfully converted Demolish Fist free of errors (we hope) for the Naomi.

Most of the work has been done by and credit belongs to him.

We are trying to convert some other games, but we found they have been compiled with different libs, so for every new lib it's like starting over again. We have also converted Dolphin Blue and it's being tested now!

We have decided to share for free all the roms that we convert, as soon as we feel they are reasonably free of errors.
It will take us hopefully between one and two months to learn how these libs work, then we'll be able to release the rest of the games much quicker.
In order to support this project we are going to ask for donations. If you donate $50 or more, you'll get a DVD with all Atomiswave games available converted to Naomi. Do you like this project? Would you like to support us? Then donate ! The donate button is on the right of this page. Provide us with your contact data. Alex is making the design of the DVD with a nice Atomiswave motive, pics coming soon.


Please test this game and report any errors.


  1. Tested on my naomi with a friend tonight. No issues that we noticed. Seemed to be working pretty good. Nice job!

  2. Nice work guys, I hope Metal Slug 6 is next on the list I'd love to play that on my naomi. :)

  3. 111 Downloads. 3 Test reports. 2 Donations. Come on guys are you just collecting this or is actually someone playing Demolish Fist? Report!!!

  4. nice hack ;)
    will it support 4 players in GGX, lightguns, and analogue controls in racing games ?

  5. Playing 3 hour on it and i see no problem :)
    Good job and many thanks ^^