Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NEW! CD set of CPS3 for Standard SH2 cartridges


The latest ISO of SFIII-2I is now in final, ready to be used with Standard SH2 cartridges. I have decided to release it with a CD. If you are enjoying CPS3 Project and would like to have a CD with design by Alex that includes:

* STREET FIGHTER III - NEW GENERATION (9 7 0 2 0 4)* WARZARD (9 6 1 1 2 1)
* JOJO'S ADVENTURE (9 8 0 6 2 4)
* JOJO (9 8 1 2 0 2)
* STREET FIGHTER III - 3rd STRIKE (9 9 0 6 0 8)
* STREET FIGHTER III - 3rd STRIKE (9 9 0 5 1 2)
* STREET FIGHTER III - 2nd IMPACT (9 7 0 9 3 0)

you can get it making a donation of $40/30€ on the right side of the blog. Please send as donation.

Below you can see the (still not final) CD Design.


  1. Thank you Peter. That amounts for a total of 2 CDs requested. I can already inform you that there will be very soon available a CD with all games for custom SH2 cartridges with SuperBIOS! JOJO is already Final and Warzard is 99%. We just need that one and JOJOBA.

    If we don't get a minimum of 25,which is the minimum for this kind of CDs, I will have to order some stickers that I can print home UGH!

  2. Just for everyone's information:
    The CDs that Pablo will order for this project will be silkscreened, just like a REAL (cps3-) CD!
    The quality and the feel of that disc will be the exact same as any other commercially produced media.
    That being said I can only recommend to get one of those by donating, no one knows if they will ever be produced again with such a quality setup.

  3. To Alex, Just want to know if I want three copy of this CD set,how much should I donate?

  4. Oh, that's something you should adress to darksoft. I only provide the artwork.

  5. little confused here:
    is these iso working with superbios and standard sh2?

    what would be the difference between this and custom sh2 one?

  6. Donated ! (piafoman)

    Great Work !

  7. Donated, nice work! Beautiful art design too. Thank you both for all your efforts.

  8. In the post previous to this one, Mitsurugi stated that there were a few errors he encounted with that ISO of SFIII 2I. Is there a working copy of the ISO for 2nd Impact or a CD that has all six games available to download or is the only way to get a CD with the final versions of all games through a donation?


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  9. Hi,
    I am a newbie in CPS3 system.
    I would like to make a donation to get the CD with all CPS3 games :)
    However i am just wondering what kind of material do i need to run the games:
    - CPS3 Motherboard + CD-Rom drive + ram sticks (how much ram?)
    - CPS3 cartridge (dead or working)
    because i have dead CPS3 cartridges at home.
    - CD with superbios and all CPS3 games

    Sorry for these questions but i don't want to miss something.
    Thanks for your help and congratulations for the great work.

  10. Yumak,

    you need a CPS3 Motherboard + CD-Rom Drive + 2x64Mb SIMMS in slots 1 and 2 + 4x 128mb SIMMS in slots 3-6. Slot 7 is empty.

    You also need to get your cartridge updated with the latest SuperBIOS and the Multigame CD.

    Do you have all of this? Mitsurugi-w or myself can help with the cartridge conversion.

    To get the CD just donate EUR 30/$40 using the donate button on the top right of the blog.

    1. Thanks for the information.
      I don't have a cartridge with updated superbios.
      i Just have some Dead cps3 games with Dead suicide batteries.

      Can i modify one of my cartridge as standard sh2?
      Is it hard to modify it?

  11. Can you solder SMD? If not better get someone doing it.

    Do you have all necessary SIMMS?

    Which country are you based?

  12. I think it would be better if someone could do it.
    what's the difference between standard and customs sh2?
    i Will purchase a cps3 motherboard + simms once i Will get the other items before ��

    By the way how does it work:
    Can You select the region You want (japan)?
    should i use no cd version only or hou Just have to put the cd You have made and that's it?

    I am based in France.

  13. How do you proceed for the cartridge?
    Shall i send my dead CPS3 cartridge to you in the US or do you supply it?
    How much is your service + shipping back to France?

    Is there a way to discuss this somewhere else, either by email or private message on a forum?

  14. yukmak, if you are France based, contact darksoft in NeoGeo forum or Arcadeotaku forum.

  15. Cool.
    I created an account on ArcadeOtaku but as i am a new member i cannot contact Darksoft by PM.
    So i did send a post on the following topic: "CPS3 suicides no more?".
    Hope it will be ok?

  16. yes i am yukbeezy on Arcade Otaku.
    I cannot even reply to your PM :(
    I sent 2 posts on arcadeOtaku but they have not appeared yet!
    Probably needing to be validated by admistrator!

  17. So what happened here? I've donated and was promised some kind of cd/dvd.. Nothing has arrived yet.

  18. Peter,
    apologies for very long delay. It was very difficult to find someone that would print 30 copies of the CD with a reasonable quality. Also Alex made several improvements to the design and yesterday I took it for printing. I have decided that I will send to all donors that requested a CD the two versions in the same case. One for SH2 and one for Custom SH2.
    I'll contact all of the donors next week to confirm shipping address.
    If you don't receive an email send me one and I'll answer back.
    Sorry once again for delay.

  19. Here the latest design files:

  20. The Cds are ready to be shipped and to be honest they look VERY nice.

    I have sent one email to all of you confirming your address. If you donated for a CD and didn't receive it, let me know.