Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Atomiswage to Naomi (UPDATE 2)

After more than 20 hours of debuggging and code patching.....Dolphin Blue is converted!!!

See here: http://youtu.be/kdMgcGfdy0I


  1. Would it also be possible to have naomi games on Atomiswave?
    Just asking because I have an Atomiswave but no Naomi. ...

  2. Yes it can't be done but you have to take into account that Naomi has double memory than AW and therefore only some games would work.
    Also in the case of AW you need to make / convert real cartridges which is more expensive. With Naomi you can load via CF or via NET.

  3. So when will the first rom be released and what games are workng?

    Namco 246 super dongle next please or patched discs that would be cool

  4. I played 5 or 6 games today. Naomi 1 Netboot. I netbooted, which of course took my FREEPLAY off (seems to do that more times than not). I then went in to setup and turned FREEPLAY on. I then exited and played a game. About where the dolphin rider gets to the first "semi large" enemy copter thing that you have to shoot up at, the game reset in to test mode... I then exited and noticed that FREEPLAY was turned off again. I went back in to test mode and turned FREEPLAY mode back on, exited and played 4 or 5 games without issue. Not sure what happened or how... and to be honest, going in to test mode might by my machine as it has a very sensitive button (that I need to fix) but I can assure you that I did not go in to the credits screen and turn FREEPLAY off when it did drop in to test mode. Again, not a huge issue... life goes on... but I figured it was something you'd want me to report.