Thursday, November 7, 2013

Next Game Rumble Fish

I have 99% ready Rumble Fish, however given the little number of both donations and feedback, I've decided to set a donation meter on the right. When it reaches 10 donations, I'll release Rumble Fish. After that Dolphin Blue will follow again after 10 donations. Next game??? You can make suggestions on this entry or vote in the poll on the right.

I know some people will not be happy about this as they want to have everything for free, they give no feedback and ask "Why it's taking you so long to fix this?", so that's the approach I've decided to go.

Nothing else changes, I plan to release all games, only that the pace will be set by the people interested on this.


  1. @Darksoft:
    I totally feel you. It's not very rewarding when people just want to get stuff for free and don't even bother to give something back, not even as little as "Thanks, here's a feedback..."
    I really appreciate everything what you do for the gaming-community and even though I have an Atomiswave and all the games, I just donated a little something that I could afford this month to support you and keep your projects going.

    This is IMHO how it works... you heared about a cool project like this, but all your stuff is somewhere in your always-too-small-gameroom so you keep watching and downloading stuff that others already approved with their feedback.
    This situation is totally annoying for developers because the audience could easily just setup their stuff in a ready-to-play-state and get involved, but then the day was hard, something else came up, whatever...
    So the hoarding begins, grabbing all neccessary files to try them "later" (if ever).

    GET INVOLVED!!!!!!!!!
    Either spend a couple of bucks to keep this going or grab your joysticks and start playing and giving feedback. I don't want this kind of projects to die.
    Do you??

  2. Hi ^^
    I have donate for the CPS-3, and i donate for your work "atomiswave to naomi" in a few day ;)
    I understand easely your position, it's honest :)
    Hope donation come rapidly ^^

    Friend of arcade use donation button please ^^

  3. hokuto no ken!!

    I would donate immediatley ^__^

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  5. Great Job When Your Friend A liver donate money to Greater Enjoyment.

  6. Great work! I am very pleased to see someone working on this project. Samurai Shodown 6 would amazing to see soon :)

    Seriously though if you have any interest in this, then please donate to help the progress on this! $50 really isn't that much to donate if you think about the hardworking that's going into this and what you get back in return, as well. Quality work! Thank you!

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  8. it is okay if i give donate 40 €€ ?? 40 €€ is about 50 $ in exchange :) so i can get you DVD with the converted romset :) i would like to get DVD at home

  9. Wish I could help you test the stuff but I haven't finished my netboot system yet(got a korean candy cab to put it in). I had donated to get the dvd a while ago anyway figuring it would be nice to have once I get the stuff going. Sucks that you haven't had many other people donate.

    I will say the comment on a multi cart for stv really caught my eye on possible future projects. That is something I'd really look forward to as well(and I have stv boards with us, jap, and the multi bios on them).

  10. Are you saying you want $500 per release then? Or just 10 donations of any amount?

  11. I guess it's fair to say that everything above 15€/$20 can be considered a donation. If you had in mind 10 donations of $1, that would be...interesting.

  12. 10 x1 =10 $ thats should be enough for each game i think :) , anyway it is your blog and it is your decision

  13. Hey eljose, that sounds very reasonable. Please let me know your PayPal account and I would send you $100, please send me ten converted games asap. I want them for Christmas.

  14. i do not know how to convert then though :D :( ....

  15. could you release at least a game each month ?? :D this is not much and lots of people would appreciate this

    1. My opinion is that he should only release when the donation quota is met. He has released some good ones for free. I know how much work this is. He deserves something for his work. Too many people want stuff for free nowadays. It's almost embarrassing at times. I wouldn't work for free. I'm sure no one else would go to work without pay.

      And hey, if the community will get involved there could be several games released per month. Go on your message boards and forums and get the community to come donate to the cause.

  16. So how much is left until you release the cracken

  17. My guess is never.

    This is not a flamming, but:
    - since the donations were announced, no one donated (according the to meter),
    - my guess is many people will wait for that bar to increase to donate,
    - my other guess is that they feel that if they donate, they will be ripped off,
    - also, some people are interested by a particular game but la pastilla will first release the less popular ones before the rest and he would be plainly stupid to do otherwise,
    - some people donated faithfully for the DVD and are now hostage to this.

    As for my personal stand, I don't have tested yet the games (still waiting for some elements for my Naomi 2 to test them, and people I depend from are slower than donations here). But, as much as the donations are going, I begin to feel that donating will be a loss of money, since they might never be enough donations. Still, I will first test it on my Naomi 2 (worrying reports needs to be verified by myself) and then I'll see.

    As a matter of fact, I will never say la pastilla is wrong asking donations since it is an awful work to do with many awful people taking it as granted. Even, I will say that la pastilla should firmly stand to his position and that if donations never comes, so won't come the games and that will only be fair.

    It's sad this project is becoming the new Supergrafx but that how the world goes.

    Even more, I got this feeling that the more you ask for a release date, the more the release date will be pushed back, which will also be fair.

  18. but if he wants money $ $ $ and getting the world attetntion he could make just videos of each games for youtube, converted games of atomiswave to be played in Naomi 24 videos , one for each rom and he can monetize his videos to get the donations and more people involved with the donations.

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  20. Friend got a plate of tekken 4 that you would like to donate for future studies and who knows in the future can break the protection and emulate the games namco

  21. @Black. Send me a PM at neogeo or pablofg_ -at-