Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Status of the Project.

I'm currently working on FOTNS, MS6 and GG Isuka.

Here is the status of the project.

Maximum Speed --> Converted and boots fine and accepts credits and buttons. Working on analog controls.
Sports Shooting USA --> Converted and boots fine and accepts credits and buttons. Working on gun controls.
Guilty Gear X ver. 1.5 --> Working and released.
Demolish Fist --> Working and released.
Dolphin Blue --> Working and released to donors.
Guilty Gear Isuka --> Working on it.
Dirty Pigskin Football --> Not working on MAME.
The Rumble Fish --> Working and released to donors.
Ranger Mission --> Not started working on it.
Salary Man Kintarou --> Not started working on it.
Faster Than Speed --> Converted and boots fine and accepts credits and buttons. Working on analog controls.
Knights of Valour - The Seven Spirits --> Working and released.
Net Select Keiba Victory Furlong --> Not started working on it.
The Rumble Fish 2 --> Not working on MAME.
Animal Basket --> Not working on MAME.
Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum --> Not started working on it.
Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden --> Not started working on it.
The King of Fighters XI --> Not started working on it.
Fist Of The North Star -->  Working and released to donors.
The King of Fighters Neowave --> Not started working on it.
The King of Fighters Neowave (Japan) --> Not started working on it.
Extreme Hunting --> Not started working on it.
Metal Slug 6 --> Working on it.
Extreme Hunting 2 --> Not started working on it.
Sega Clay Challenge --> Not started working on it.
Sega Bass Fishing Challenge --> Not started working on it.

Below a small teaser of faster than speed:


  1. Hi,

    Dolphin blue work great on Naomi 2 (CF), i'll try another one ASAP

    Knights of Valour work on Naomi 2 now ?


  2. On Naomi 1 Dolphin Blue gets a lot of slow down when there are a lot of enemies on screen or a lot of explosions. It's playable but you can definitely notice the lag when it happens. I do not have the original cart to compare to so I don't know if that's typical or not.

    1. Cupcake, I'm not 100% sure, but I am reasonably certain that the slowdown is normal. It has been reported that some games actually run with less slowdown on the NAOMI than they do on the Atomiswave.

  3. +1 for slow down on naomi 1
    Hope a friend come to my home with his naomi 2 and CF to see différence ;)

    1. Even better if you compare directly with a real Atomiswave and see for yourself the difference.

  4. thank you for releasing FASTER THAN SPEED good game :) , hope more games are to going to come out :)

  5. Just got a chance to try rumble fish and it seems like the kicks are not working right. It's as though there are 2 light kicks and no hard kick, although, oddly, sometimes a hard kick will come out. I compared side by side to my atomiswave and it's definitely not the same. My Naomi cab does have slightly different wiring as the 5&6 buttons are through the kick harness(if memory serves). Might that be the issue? Or is it something with the conversion? Anyway, that's the only issue I noticed. Let me know your thoughts. thanks.

    1. I haven't noticed this problem but I will load it up again and test.

    2. I just retested. I don't have that issue. All five buttons work correctly. You may have a wiring issue in your cab.

    3. Good to know. I figured that might be an issue as my 5&6 are wired up in an odd fashion due to it having more than one system in it. Thanks for the update Mitsurugi-w

  6. umm how about atomiswave game SUSHI BAR ?¿? :D :D is this gonna be released for Naomi or not :) ?


    1. According to MAME:
      Other games not dumped (some may have been cancelled)
      Chase 1929
      Force Five
      Premier Eleven
      Sushi Bar

      If someone has a dump for those games, let me know.

    2. There is a prototype of Kenju but it isn't dumped.

  7. Ok finally got my netboot setup working and started to test some games. Naomi 1 with export bios, capcom jvs adapter, and vga.

    I saw one issue with dolphin blue but I was unable to replicate it. I had issues where it would not go into the service menu. I thought it was related to transfergame.exe vs the python script but after trying both again I wasn't able to get it to mess up again.

    On a lighter note once I load a atomiswave game I need to reboot the naomi to boot another. With the naomi games I can just send another game with either the transfergame or python scripts. Not a big issue by any means but an inconvenience.

    Past the service switch issue I couldn't replicate after sending the image again I had a few hours in dolphin blue and it seemed to run fine.

  8. so does your faster than speed teaser work?

  9. I played Rumble Fish and it definitely has slow down compared to the Atomiswave version.
    It also crashed when I went to start the game from Free-play. Restarted and it worked fine.

  10. No, when I put it to free play and got to the Splash screen and pressed start. It never got to the How To Play Screen.

    There is also major bad loading times.

  11. Played Dolphin Blue beginning to end on Naomi 2. Only complaint is that when there's a lot of stuff going on screen, the slow down is VERY apparent. Is this also true with the original?

  12. yeah im want play Kenju

    so please Dump it Kenju Atomiswave Rom!

  13. I'm happy to dump it, but I need a cartridge with the game first :) Can you get me one? So far as I know it was only a prototype.

  14. Please Dump the game Kenju!

    I want to play!