Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sports Shooting USA

I converted Sports Shooting USA. Controls are OK except gun, which I can't test as I don't have a gun for Naomi. Hopefully soon....

You can test if you want here:

I just Updated status table on previous posts.


  1. how do you add mouse to makaron or null dc ?? i think this can not be added the mouse i mean :(

  2. Mate - how do I go about in decrypting the track03.bin from one of my NAOMI2 rips to ROM? I used gdrom2rom for my own NAOMI1 rips, no problem - but for NAOMI2 it doesn't work (I DO have the correct keys dumped out of the PIC)


  3. Correct me if I'm wrong here(cause I'm looking for some clarification myself), but most Naomi games didn't use the regular happ light guns, and weren't cross compatible with it, but the atomiswave did use the happ style guns. So wouldn't you have to somehow rig up regular happ guns to the Naomi to make it work? And if so, I'm not even sure how to go about that in terms of what I/O would be needed, etc. Anyone got any input(no pun intended) about it?

  4. If you are running a Naomi, then you should use a Naomi Gun, with Naomi Gun PCB and Naomi I/O (this one everybode should have as it converts signals to JVS).
    Problem is that happ gun use flash screen when you press fire and the naomi gun games don't have flash screen but a lot of sensors around the screen.

    If you have a Naomi cab prepared for Gun, then you should be the right cabinet with sensors, right Gun, tigh boards, etc. and you just need to wait for the conversion to be made.

    If you have a normal cabinet, then you can use one of the PCBS that Aganythe is designing. It's very cool as it uses Wiimote camera which works with lcds, projectors and videoprojectors. The Atomiswave and happ gun only work on crt monitor.
    You'll have to buid it yourself though.

    More info here:

  5. Great !

    i'll try with my Gun2Naomi this weekend.

    Thanks, Aganyte.

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  7. OK, i tried the game on my Naomi 2 (no boot problem)

    First problem : On Naomi, the gun games use bouton 1 has trigger, but in the AW IO input menu, i can't use trigger (Naomi button 1 is used has mercury 1P)

    Can you resolved this ?


    1. Aganyte, can you confirm if the gun aims properly?
      Is that the only problem you found?

    2. No, i can't.

      I must pull trigger to active the calibration mode.


  8. i tried a new test

    1° Connected the analog harness
    2° i go in the AW input test menu
    3° i put short circuit between 5v and X axys, then between ground and X axys -> no X reaction
    4° i do the same thing for Y axys -> no Y reaction

    You can do this test in the Naomi Jvs input test menu, the analog input must take 2 values, 00$ for ground short circuit and FF$ for +5v short circuit.

    I think the test don't work in AW because i don't have trigger.